Hotel Kopieniec**** Fizjo- Med & SPA is situated in a picturesque town Murzasichle, just a few kilometres from the capital of Polish mountains – Zakopane. Murzasichle is a beautiful touristic town right next to the Tatra National Park, at 820-950 metres above sea level. Due to the fact that it is close both to Zakopane and Bukowina Tatrzańska our hotel is a perfect starting point for trips to different parts of Podhale . Our guests are encouraged to use not only the hotel’s infrastructure, but also see tourist attractions in the region. Nearby are:

  • many ski lifts
  • thermal pools
  • Tatra National Park
  • great tourist trails
  • sights – museums, wooden architecture trails, churches
  • Kraków and Wieliczka (about 100 kilometers away)

Our staff is more than happy to recommend places worth seeing and visiting.

This trail is worth following

Kopieniec is a summit at 1328 meters above sea level. Its name comes from Podhale vernacular and means ‘a mound-like shape’. It used be a part of Hala Kopieniec and cattle would be pastured even as far as at its top, from which nowadays you can enjoy a colourful panorama of Tatra mountains and an inimitable view of High Tatras and Western Tatras.

Hala Kopieniec, also known as Hala Skupniowa, is an old pasture situated at 1250-1328 meters above sea level. Nowadays cattle is pastured on the protected part of the national park. 



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